Drug Screening



Drug and alcohol screening is not just for employers, but can also be court-ordered, DOT, for school, tenants, and individuals. 

Our labs are NDASA certified. 

For DOT regulated companies or safety sensitive employees we offer DOT approved testing for FAA, FMCSA, FRA, FTA, USCG, and PHMSA.

Drug Free Workplace (Employers)

The state governments of Georgia and Florida offer a discount on workers compensation premiums once the workplace is certified. In Georgia it’s a 7.5% discount and in Florida it’s a 5% discount. Getting certified saves you money and keeps your workplace safer. 

We provide employers with a drug free workplace program. It’s everything you need to get certified including consulting, customer service training, employee retention, HR department training, drug free workplace handbook, and employee training.  

No matter the size of your company, On The Dot Screening provides all the services you need to become a certified drug free workplace. 

Collection Methods


The most common test is the urine test and the process is very simple. A specimen from the candidate is collected in a cup then given to the technician. The technician then seals the cup, documents chain of custody and identification, and securely sends the specimen to the lab.


A hair test is performed by a technician who cuts approximately 1 ½ inches of hair from the head or body of the candidate and sends it to the lab. If the candidate has no hair to submit for the test, a urine test should be used.


Small, handheld screening devices with a disposable mouthpiece are used for the test. The device will give you one of four results including: zero, pass, warn, or fail. The candidate blows into the mouthpiece with a long, steady breath and within about a minute the results will be recorded.

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