FAQs – Drug Screening


Drug Screening

Normally, you will bring an order form or a paper chain of custody form (CCF) and your government issued ID (driver’s license). If you are going to have a urine test, do not drink excessive amounts of liquid as this may dilute the sample and mean that you have to repeat the test.
No, dyes and shampoos sit on the outside of the hair strand and the testing is looking deeper, into the hair follicle itself.
Yes. Urine that is synthetic can be different in several ways. The PH level, nitrite levels, specific gravity, and temperature may be off and be a warning sign that the urine specimen is synthetic.
You will get a call regarding your test results during which you will be asked about any medications that could impact your results. Prescription information will be required so that your pharmacy can verify your prescription. If your prescription checks out and is verified, your test will have a final result of negative.
Not usually, but there are some tests, like return-to-duty and follow-up tests, that will be observed. In cases like these, a same sex collector will observe and if the temperature is out of range or there is something else suspicious, a second observed collection will need to be completed. Direct observation testing happens in less than 5% of all collections.
It depends on the type of test. For a hair test, drugs will show up in about a week. For a saliva test, it can be a couple of hours. For a urine test, it can be 4-12 hours. There are many factors involved in the timing, however; things like body weight, metabolism, and food or drink consumed. Regardless of these factors, the drugs will eventually show up.
A urine test will pick it up for 3-4 days. A hair follicle test will capture 90 days, and a saliva test will go back 1-2 days. These are approximate times and no matter how long you wait, drugs may still show up in your system.
No. Our tests are designed to detect drugs and drug metabolites, not the chemical structures of these substances.
You will not be permitted to perform safety-sensitive duties until you have seen a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) and have been cleared through the return-to-duty process, which includes a Federally mandated drug or alcohol test. However, there are no DOT regulations regarding hiring, firing, or other employment actions; these decisions are up to your employer.
Yes, you can have a background check run on yourself. You may need to provide additional information, but the basic information we will need is your legal name, date of birth, residential address, social security number, and school or employer details.
It gives people a chance to see what a landlord or employer might see. It can help give time to prepare to address questions or concerns about information provided in the report.
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