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On The Dot Screening

Your trusted partner for reliable background checks and drug testing services.
We are your premier source for professional mobile screening solutions in Georgia and Florida, serving both businesses and individuals. With a commitment to accuracy, confidentiality, and convenience, we specialize in providing top-notch screening services to your door for employees, tenants, and individuals alike. Our comprehensive service offerings ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions with confidence. Explore our services today and experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing On The Dot Screening.

Why Choose Us

On-site Mobile Services

We come to your place of business to save you and your employees hours away from the office or jobsite.

Statewide Coverage

We can schedule testing anywhere in the state for you

Billing Made Easy

We can handle billing out of one location for any office to help keep accounting up for you

Mobile Screening Services

DOT Testing

We specialize in DOT testing and are fully compliant

DOT Compliance

We can keep you compliant with all your DOT needs

Non-DOT Testing

Urine, breath, and hair tests

Standard Drug Testing

5 or 10 panel testing to look for prescription and “traditional” drugs

Hair Testing

Hair follicle testing is available in addition to the urine test

Alcohol Testing

We can quickly determine your employee’s BAC level if you believe him/her to be under the influence

Level 1 Background Checks

We look at employment history, state or local criminal history, and the national sex offender registry.

Tenant Screening

Want better tenants? Then a background check is a must. A background check will let you know if a tenant is a good fit for you and your property. Looking at a candidate’s employment history, criminal history, and the national sex offender registry can help you to determine whether or not you would like to enter a contract with the candidate and could potentially save you thousands in repairs and/or missed payments.

Available Training

Customer service training
Employee retention
HR Department Training
Drug free workplace handbook

Laboratory Tests for Employers

A workplace plagued by under-the-influence employees has more accidents, theft, higher insurance rates, more damaged equipment, injuries, and absenteeism; all of which cost the company time and money. Minimizing these expenses is crucial to keeping you within budget.  Testing also goes a long way in keeping your safety record as perfect as possible and reducing the risk of lawsuits.

Make sure your workforce is ready to go by testing with On The Dot Screening. 

We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry so that when new drugs come out, we can make sure that our testing methods are current and effective. 

What We Deliver:

On The Dot Screening is the professional and convenient background and drug screening service of choice in south Georgia and North Florida.

Call us today to book your appointment. 229-854-1290Laboratory Collection and Screening services.

Mobile Screening Services for your convenience

Test confidently, comfortably, and confidentially with On The Dot Screening.

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